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Bike Box Hire easy for Bicycle Case Hire, How To Pack Bike Box Alans


  How to pack a bike box alan  
  Bike Box Hire Easy TEXT on How to Pack Bike Box Alans      
  Packing your precious machine into one of our Bike Box Alans is a very Simple process

1)Remove pedals - always do this whilst the wheels are still on the bike.

2) Remove wheels and deflate tyres - fix them in to the lid of the bike box using your wheel skewers, Front wheel on the left first followed by Rear Wheel.

3) Remove seat post - be sure to mark your saddle height with either tape or a marker before doing this.

4) Remove stem with handlebars still attached.

5) Secure the frame in to the bike box. The bike should be right side bike down with the chainset at the bottom of the box.

6) Fix the handlebars, seat post and pedals in the remaining available straps.

7) Pack any other items (be sure to keep the box within your baggage limits) such as a track pump, energy gels/bars and clothes around the frame, seatpost and pedals. Also pack any tools you used to disassemble your bike under the foam padding, it's recommended to place smaller tools in a bag just in case they happen to fall out in transit.

8) Insert the anti-crush pole and ensure it does not make contact with your spokes before closing the lid. Use the top foam insert to guide the pole in to lid of the box.

1) Dont leave it to the last minute to remove the pedals
, they could be very tough to remove if they have not been removed for a while.

2) Weigh the Bike Box on your Bathroom Scales once you have packed it, you may have a little more allowance, you could pack some other items inside such as foods, gels etc, this will also avoid stress at check in when you are asked for the weight

3) Take a picture of the way you have packed the Bike Box on your Smartphoneit may help you remember how to pack it at the other end after you have had a wonderful relaxing time with your Bike!

4) Remember to Pack your Tools especially your pedal spanner as this is not something you would normally have to take out on a ride!

5) Remember If you are getting a hire car (or a family member or friends car) the Bike Box Alan has to fit!

6) Remember you will have to plan extra time to check your bike in (when you fly low cost airlines you usually dont have to check in!

7) If you have an old set of skewers use these to attach to the bike box, but dont forget to take your posh ones you want your bike to look the best after all!
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