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Bike Box Hire Easy for Bicycle Case Hire, "Our Bike Box AlansPage" we only use the Award Winning Bike Box Alans

Super Safe Bcycle Box Cases Featuring the Annti Crush bar and patended strong plastics

Our Bike Box Alans Bicycle Case are made from Super Strong Plastics, designed to thwart the most irresponsible baggage handlers, with your wheels safely skewered into the box lid and the metal impact post you can rest assured you are hiring the top of the range bike box.

Easy to wheel around the Bike Box Alan is also easy to pack, Click here to view a short video demonstrating how easy it is to pack your Bike, its a 10 - 15 minute job, see our Packing Page for more in-depth details.

A short video comparing the strength of a cheap import to the Award Winning Bike Box Alan

The Bike Box Alan can fit Road Bikes and Mountain bikes, even Road Bikes with integrated seat tube for riders up to 6'3 inches tall.see more information on the Bike Box Alan Website).

But will it fit in my Car or Hire Car at your Destination? Bike Box Alans clever design means that the Box itself is very compact and can fit easily into a hatch.

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  Bike Box Alan TT Bike Packed  
Weight11.2 kg,
Max Height92 cm,
Min Height75 cm,
Length113 cm,
Max Thickness32 cm,
Min Thickness23 cm.

4 Rolling Castors
2 Layers of High Density Foam
4 Steel Toggle Catches
Anti Crush Device
  BikeBoxEasy Bike Box Alan          
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